Professional development

Continuing professional development allows professional artists and cultural workers to continue learning about their professional practice, to update their knowledge and to pursue their professional development on an ad hoc and ongoing basis.

Thanks to Emploi-Québec’s Mesure de formation – volet entreprise, the CFC manages an annual envelope dedicated to CPE for 41 promoters on the Island of Montréal.

To be eligible, a training project must meet a specific training need in the Arts and culture sector. As such, the project must clearly state the expected results in terms of improving the employment situation of participants on the job market or their self-employment income following their participation in the project. For each project, it must be demonstrated that, as a result of the training undertaken, participants will be able to develop their skills and improve their employment situation in their cultural sector or in a related or complementary sector of activity. The project may also aim, through the acquisition of skills, to increase self-employment income. It may also aim to keep participants employed or prevent a deterioration in their income level.

Training is divided into two components: regular and transversal.

Transversal training allows a promoter to offer training in collaboration with one or more organizations in the same or different disciplines.

Photo Credit : Sasha Onyshchenko – Danse à la carte